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Celebrity & Pro Clients

Ziggy Marley, Artist/Bob Marley's son

Kevin Frazier, Entertainment Tonight Host

Hilary Duff, Actor

Mike Comrie, Former Pro Ice Hockey Player

Al Harrington, Former NBA Player

Eddie Johnson, U.S. Men's National Team

Jason & Meredith Levien, D.C. United Owner/NY Times CEO

Julianne Nicholson, Actor

Demetrius Spencer, CEO of BallUp

Ramy Yacoub, Award-Winning Music Producer

Kevin Stromsborg, Hyperice/Hypervolt Executive

Jeremy Sisto, Actor

Lauren Sesselmann, FIFA Women's World Cup

Tyler Lussi, Angel City F.C.

Abby Elinsky, Orlando Pride

Jordan Marada, Stanford Director of Women's Soccer

Gisele & Alyssa Thompson, U18 U.S. Women's National Team
Dominique Randle, 
Philippines Women's National Team
Penelope Hocking,
U23 U.S. Women's National Team

Alyah Chanelle Scott, HBO Max TV Show "SLOCG"

Bantu, Artist

Dr. Chaii, Artist

Jordan O’Brien, Club Atlético River Plate

Jonathan Cake, Actor

Dima Efros, President of Parquet by Dian

Elisabetta Canalis, Actor

Jon Mut, CEO Boswell Construction

John Giovannone, Top Ranked Lawyer

Beverly Mitchell, Actor

Sydney Vermillion, Armenia Women's National Team

Genesee Daughtee, Pro Soccer Player
Jon Elliott,
CEO of Bluebeam Software

Adam Quigley, LA Galaxy F.C. Assistant Athletic Trainer
Tim Nguyen, CEO of Besmartee

Sarah Mlynowski, New York Times Bestselling Author
Eva Madarang, Philippines Women's National Team

Benjamin Au, Lawyer U.S. Court of Appeal Ninth Circuit

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