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Soccer Coach Michael Holzer California Beverly Hills High School Zoe Suder Cancer.png

Fundraiser Will Support Beverly Hills High School Student's Cancer Treatment

Beverly Hills High School student Zoe Suder latest fight combating cancer. Helping her with the challenge, a community fundraiser by Coach Michael & Beverly Hills Unified School District is taking place to support Zoe’s cancer treatment.


Meet Michael Holzer

After directing several soccer clubs and Men’s UPSL teams in New York City, I moved to California and started my soccer training business. Within only a few months, I became fully booked every day and started throwing soccer camps throughout California.


Why Alyssa Thompson's Path to Stardom Shifted Into Hyperspeed

Alyssa Thompson, NWSL No. 1 pick Angel City moved mountains to get. Alyssa incorporated additional training with private soccer coach Michael Holzer to fine tune her technical skills. Quickly, she became a dominant force & standout scorer against the boys.

Soccer Coach Michael Holzer California SoCal Soccer Party Camps.png

Meet Michael & Gina Holzer

of SoCal Soccer Party

Growing up in Germany, Michael looked forward to his birthday party every year – not because of presents or cake, but because of soccer. SoCal Soccer Party is the first full-service soccer party & event company.

Coach Michael Hozler Press  FINAL.png

Meet Michael Holzer, Celebrity & Pro Soccer Coach

Be kind and good to people. Do not only focus on the money in the start of your business. Appreciate your clients,  build meaningful relationships while working hard.

coach michael holzer christian fuchs leicester city fc premier league.png

Coach Michael Holzer receives trip to Leicester City FC from Christian Fuchs

Holzer is visiting Leicester, will shadow the club’s head coach Brendan Rodgers, participate in sessions and attend LCFC's matches against Liverpool F.C. & Manchester City F.C.

coach michael holzer soccer christian fuchs fsa pro.png

Michael Holzer Visiting Leicester City

Michael Holzer led UPSL side Fox Soccer Academy to a division title, and was granted a trip to the club’s affiliated team, Leicester City F.C., after his successful season.


Podcast Interview: Michael Holzer - Youth, College, & Professional Soccer Coach

Michael shares with Florida State University's FSU Coach his playing and coaching journey, coaching philosophy, player development, and advice for other coaches.


Podcast Interview: Coaching with Leicester City, Starting All Over, & Coaching Tactics

Michael shares in this interview his Leicester City FC coaching trip, starting his soccer business in California, and coaching tactics.

michael holzer technical director christian fuchs fsa pro.png

Michael Holzer Appointed FSA Program Director

Acting as FSA PRO Head Coach, Michael has been able to assemble and manage a team that has exceeded expectations. His personality, experience, and drive make him a valuable asset, happy to have him as a prominent role.

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